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Monday, September 7, 2015

Buttercup and Daisy needed to get saddles

This Spring Cinnamon and Jubilee began tormenting Buttercup and Daisy.   Cinnamon jumps on Daisy's back and Jubilee charges and pecks her head.  Daisy barely has feathers on her wings.  Her little head is featherless.
I have researched this problem on the blogs that I follow and all have stated boredom, pecking order, and just mean.  I thought about all the ways I could  alleviate boredom.  I strung up some lettuce, corn, and even a carrot.  The corn and lettuce were hysterical to watch.  Jubilee couldn't be bothered one bit with such a childish game of eating.  The three RI Reds had a blast.  The lettuce took about three hours to be down to the root head.  The corn was cleaned to its cob in roughly an hour.  The carrot was not even touched.
I could tie food to the top of their coop run but seriously I don't think this is feasible.   I continued to research the other ways of stopping this tormenting behavior.  One way was let the two younger ones free range all day.  Well that would be awesome if I lived on acres of land.  The two hawks that fly over head are just waiting for the girls to be loose.  I once read on mypetchicken site that there is a woman who makes hen saddles for nasty roosters who dont leave the hens alone and also for pecking aggression issues.  I placed an order with Louise's Country Closet for two saddles, $5.00 each.  We put them on the girls backs, holding their wings gently.  They caused a little bit of a ruckus for a few minutes.  The woman who makes them included with the saddles a note explaining how to put them on and what they might behavior like.  Indeed they had a tantrum so to say.  The best was when the Cinnamon and Jubilee so them in the coop run with their new saddles on.  Well, they strutted around look at me, we have protection.  Daisy and Buttercup heads were definitely higher and their chests were pushed out a bit.  Unfortunately, that lasted for about twenty-four hours.  Jubilee and Cinnamon realized we can still torment and chase.
Stay tuned for next obstacle we need to challenge.
Year to date-----573 brown, beautiful, and delicious eggs

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