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Monday, September 7, 2015

Difficult Summer in the Coop

Good evening and where has the time gone?  I apologize for not keeping up with the blog.  All four hens were doing wonderfully.  Going about their strutting and digging.  The little ones from the neighborhood came every Thursday to check on the girls.  At times they were able to snatch an egg from the nesting box.  I often shared some pellets to the little ones to feed them.  All the girls were back to laying perfectly.  Of course each one would take a day or two off to think about laying.  Hey I get it -It is hard work just like labor.
In mid July, we saw a difference in Cinnamon our RI Red Hen.  She began to sleep more under the coop.  She was not eating the pellets.  She wanted me to hand or spoon feed her.  At night,  in the coop, she began to sleep downstairs and not roost with the others.  Jubilee would carry on- c'mon get up Cinnamon but she couldn't.  Many of a night,  I would go out late to check on her in the coop.  I would bring some yogurt and a flashlight.  She would eat like no tomorrow.  Next morning back to sleeping.
In the beginning of August I was off to meetings all day.  She was digging her hole to rest.  I spoke to her and she ruffled her feathers in disgust.  I came home and checked on her.  She winked her final wink. Five years and one month.  Well over 1200 eggs.  RIP Cinnamon- Spunkiest Hen We loved so much.

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