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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Apologies and Updates

As you can see my timely posts have not been so timely. Currently we have two chickens remaining: Jubilee and Buttercup. They are both doing very well.
Jubilee turned 6 years old in June. Buttercup turned 5 years old in April. Jubilee stopped laying eggs for a few months. We thought she was finished. But lo and behold she surprised us with four weeks of beautiful eggs.
Buttercup had been molting so we were dortunated Jubilee steped in to help.
This past winter New England weather was mild. We had a few inches of snow but nothing compared ro 2016. (40 inches)
The coop is holding up beautifully. The girls love their yogurt and watermelon. We did purchase the chicken swing but they were not interested.
Happy chicken keeping.
My first grade class this year incubated and hatched 11 chicks. We brought them back to the farm.

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