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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New roosting pole

     Yesterday Michael installed a thicker roosting pole.   The dowel that was inside was bowing a bit in the middle.  Also he read they enjoy a roosting pole to be thicker.  He had a 4 foot hand rail left over from a project inside our house.  He never gets rid of anything.  I know why, he can always use it some time down the road.  He got inside the coop and took apart the old one.  He measured the new position.  We were concerned about the new height the girls would need to get to it.  Cinnamon kept running up the ramp poking her head in to see what was going on.  After it was done, he watched Cinnamon check it out.  She had no problem getting to it.  Jubilee on the other hand a little bit heavier couldn't get the gumption to get up.  She made it to the ledge and voila she was on.  Pepper was amazed Michael said.  She was looking up and thinking, Where should I go?  Michael put the ladder inside and up she walked the ladder to the roosting bar.  Off to sleep they went.  This morning when I went out to see them.  Plop, plop, and thump.  All three were waiting at the slide door.
     Today I chopped up some cooked beets, yogurt, and a clementine.  After eating all they graced me with 3 beautiful brown eggs.  We love our hens.  74 eggs and counting.


  1. Thanks for the eggs! They made a delicious omelet, and you can't get much more local than right across the street!

  2. Remember to put the empty carton on our front porch with your name and I will share what we can. Turn around time is usually 24 hours
    Glad you enjoyed them.