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Monday, July 18, 2011

We had a very busy weekend

Michael and Rick raised the coop on to four by four cedar posts which were inserted into concrete bases.  Michael and Michael raised the coop up while Rick went under to bolt 4x4 posts to brackets under coop.  The temperature outside was high 80's and the sun was shining.  I don't know how they all worked out there all day.   My job was to hand tools, make lunch,  and keep them hydrated all day.  The most perplexing  part was how to attach the wire mesh to the coop and make it pleasing to the eye.  Michael thought of  metal fence posts that the wire mesh would attach on to and skirt around bottom of coop.  Rick and Michael completed that and it looks wonderful.  Michael made the ramp for the girls to go in and out of coop.
     Cinnamon went in the pen first and ran around looking for treats.  Pepper and Jubilee were so excited when they had more freedom.  Pepper was very curious about the ramp.  Michael put Pepper inside the coop to see what she thought.  Pepper ran down the ramp.  Cinnamon wasn't interested at all and Jubilee just want to peck the grass and look for treats.
     Around 7:00 PM after an enjoyable afternoon in the coop yard we were hoping they would gracefully go up the ramp.  All three girls wanted to go up but just went halfway then scooted down.  Michael opened the main door and reached his arm down the ramp and coaxed the girls inside.  All three came up to see him and in for the night with water and feed.  We peeked inside through the nesting box to see them.  All were snuggled together at the feen bowl and then sleeping together in another corner.
     We have to finish the top enclosure and put a molding down the sides and base.
I brought them in the house this morning to rest and for safety.  We are suppose to get thunderstorms this afternoon.