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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away my Girls want to play

It is official- All the girls spend 100 % in their beautiful coop and love every minute of it.  Michael and Michael attached the netting on top to secure them from predatorsyesterday afternoon.   Until the hardwire is attached in the coming days.  The box was getting too small and Pepper was kicking and pecking up a  storm.  She loved kicking over the water fount in the box.  She would dump the feed container.  Yesterday they were out all day and cooped up at night.  No spills of fount or flipped feeder.  They are strutting around, scratching,  and eating ants.  Today we have a light drizzle in the air.  They are free to come and go into the coop.
The girls on Thursday met a young lady by the name of Maggie from Maine.  Maggie was their youngest visitor so far.  Maggie held Jubilee and Cinnamon with such care.  Maggie asked wonderful questions and wanted to watch them for hours.  I told her I would hook up a webcam so she could watch them in Maine.  Her Aunt Becky took great pictures to share with her family and school friends.
What a special moment we can share with our friends.

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