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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Positioned in the Yard

Michael had to get the coop out of the garage.  He stained the outside cordovan brown, Benjamin Moore Alkyd Exterior Stain,  and the trim is boreal forest green, Benjamin Moore exterior oil gloss finish.  He bought the hinges and locks for the doors and nesting box at Aubuchon Hardware in Franklin, MA.
We have built what has got to be at least a 300 pound coop.  It is way overbuilt, and I know if we were to do another one, we would use lighter weight lumber, like 2x3 instead of 2x4.  Fortunately, most if not all of the exterior siding is cedar, so that is a lot lighter than pine.  Michael bought two galvanized fence posts that were 6ft long.  We tilted the coop and I rolled the other post under.  Roll three feet and tilted up, and repeat another post.  Michael had to take down a section of fence, that divides our garage and driveway area, from the backyard, so that we would be able to move the coop from inside the garage out into the backyard.  We had to go around the fence and back around the yard until the coop was in position.  It was either this, or rent a crane!  Remember this is a small city yard in Providence, Rhode Island.  Michael likes to remind me that this is how the Egyptians did it!

Two days and counting!! We are ready!

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