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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chickens or Bees?

Yesterday I was at Williams -Sonoma and began a conversation with a lovely saleswoman about bees in the Spring.  She had thought about chickens but was under the impression too much work.  I shared our experiences and told her about our blog.  I said we live in the city, all of our ladies are cold hardy,  and the eggs are wonderful.  I talked about all the goodies we feed them: yogurt, oatmeal, lettuce, and bananas.  She asked how many do you have?  I responded, "five ladies and no roosters."  She asked "Do your neighbors mind?"  I said "No, we share our eggs, when we have an over abundance."
As I was driving home, I was thinking of so much more I could have shared.  But on the other hand, her manager was eyeing our in depth conversation to be out of the ordinary.
I should have shared the day the first group arrived by the Postal Woman.  How we raised them on the front porch as if they were our newborns.  How Ginger, our Springer Spaniel loved sitting by the bin and watching their antics.  How each one of us had layed on the couch with the chicks in our arms rubbing their crowns to sleep.  
I should have shared all the books that helped us to raise five hens.  All the websites and magazines we read to further our expertise.
I should have shared how Michael built the coop in the garage and had to devise a  way to get it in the backyard.  I don't think we have pictures of him rolling the coop from the garage on aluminuim fence posts, similair to the way the  Egyptians lifted and  moved the blocks and materials to build the Pyramids.
I should have told her about the hypnotic viewing for hours on end in the backyard by all family members and neighbors.
I should have shared making the coop a better, cozier, and more enjoyable place for three hens to live.
I should have shared coming home from work and hearing the girls squeal.  Actually, they were hoping for some delicious treats.
The most joyous day was when Michael came home and found our first brown egg in the nesting box.
The joys of Chicken Keeping in the City can't be shared in every post but they are more exciting.
I should have told her about cleaning the coop weekly,.  Oh it isn't bad.  The spirit and uniqueness of each hen is totally different.  One is very bossy. One is timid. One loves to be held. One loves to eat out of your hand.  One enjoys sitting on your shoulder, All three love the kiddie pool on hot summer days.  And yes they need vaseline on their crowns to protect from frostbite.
But my family truly has embraced all five ladies as much as the other pets in out lives.

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