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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Segregating the Little ladies from the Ladies

The little ladies are finally in the big coop with the ladies.  It hasn't been easy.  On Saturday, Michael built a divider screen below the coop in their play area.  The little ladies have a roosting pole, their water and their fount.  The ladies on the other side have a much larger space.  They all can free range when someone is home to oversee their antics.  The little ladies enjoy the far corner of the yard, while the Ladies scurry around to see who has the best pick-ins.  Pepper still chases them over the fence on to the patio.  Ginger enjoys the little ladies company a lot, thank goodness.  The little ladies carry on until I move them back into their segregated environment.  At night, I scoop them both up and bring them into the nesting box together.  They are happy their all night.  The Ladies go up the ramp around 8:40 EST to go in for the evening.  Cinnamon goes up the ramp and peeks in to see if they are in.  She scoots back down quickly.  Pepper and Jubilee do the same. After several times they all finally retire for the evening.  At 5:15 A.M. EST, I can hear Pepper squawking so loudly.  Reminder, we live in the city, where houses are close.  Our neighbors have been wonderful with this but I feel awful.  The neighbors don't need to be woken up by squawking at that time.  I run downstairs,  outside and jump the fence, open the coop sliding door, and allow the Ladies to free range.  The little ladies hop down when they are ready and go to their segregated shelter,  all on their own.  I go back to bed until about 7:00 and all is fine.  When will the squawking stop?

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