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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Joyous Evening

Last evening was a joyous one, all five ladies slept in the front window of  the coop together in harmony.  If you haven't been following lately please read previous entries.  The evening temperatures fell to about 86 degrees Fahrenheit.  There was an occasional breeze to cool the air.  After we had an enjoyable dinner al fresco, we checked on the girls in the coop.  I peeked in and no one was in the nesting boxes.  I said to Michael,  "Can I see your flashlight?"  He came over to the coop and much to our surprise all five ladies were snuggled together resting peacefully enjoying the gently breeze and gazing out at their keepers.  The dragonflies were fluttering about munching on a late night mosquito snack and Ginger was lounging on the chair.  Michael, Margaret, and Michael were discussing the days events and the journey we have planned in ten days.  The smiles were brought to our faces when we learned finally all has come together with the two newest ladies, Daisy and Buttercup and the mature ladies, Cinnamon, Jubilee, and Pepper.

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