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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thirty Eggs

The sky was falling last weekend and the girls stayed in their coop. The snow, wind, and freezing temperatures the girls weren't happy at all. On Sunday night I discovered a little discoloration on Cinnamon's crown. I brought her inside to look at it closely. I was right, a little frost bite on her crown. I told Michael to get some Vaseline and we lathered her up. Michael attached a board in the front screen to close off her look out window. Cinnamon is always watching out the top roosting window ledge, right were the wind blows. For the past 7 nights we have lathered her crown, waddles, and legs to keep her protected. All three love the attention and the spa treatment. I'm happy to say Cinnamen's crown is almost back to shining red. Their production of eggs has slowed down this week. Very happy to say 30 since December 23.

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