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Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet the Girls

All three girls have grown so much since the last post.  Cinnamon and Pepper jump right on to Michael's forearm.  Jubilee waits her turn.
I had to raise the water fount  a few inches higher because they kept kicking up the pine shavings.  I flipped over an old dog bowl and rested the faunt on it.  So far less pine shavings.  The feed bowl also is resting on
a pie pan.

Cinnamon spent twenty minutes with Michael on the grass.  She was scared of the big world.  The sun was shining and the temperature was just right.  She scooted around the grass and even hopped inside the  coop. I could only take one picture of Cinnamon on the grass.

All three girls love the morning visit from us all.
 When it is bedtime, I check to  make sure all is perfect for them.  Pepper and Jubilee are sound asleep and not a stir.  Cinnamon always has one eye on the girls and one eye closed.  She is the Mother Hen.

Everyday we can see  huge growth for them all.

 On Sunday michael and Rick are going to raise the coop about a foot and half off the grass.  They will also begin to enclose the pen for them.

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