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Monday, May 23, 2011

Newest Books

About six months ago a group of Providence residents sent around a petition via Facebook about People Encouraging Chicken Keeping P.E.C.K .  I spent the evening talking about it with my husband.  I signed, he signed, and our daughter signed and we heard a few weeks later the ordinance was passed.  The  ordinance read; 
            the coop must be enclosed
            20 feet away from another domicile
            no more than six hens
           no roosters allowed
  My husband and I lost our cat of 16 plus years about three weeks ago.  We have a springer spaniel who is now really lost with out her mate.  Ofcourse they chased and hissed, but they did sleep together and eat each others food. 

 We started reading about chicks and coops.  We researched different types, bantams, pullets, RI reds, silkies, and americuana's.  Did we want chicks or a little bit older?  What type of coop did we want?  Would we build or buy built?  How big and it must be perfect for a very small city land lot.    

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